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Letter: Parking is at a premium

'People share apartments these days and every one needs at least two spots'
2021-03-20 Letter

GuelphToday received the following Letter to the Editor from reader Karen J Leachman sharing her experience with Guelph's lack of parking for new developments.
Every time I read of a new apartment development with not enough parking I could just scream.

I live on a street where there are semi-detached homes on one side of the street and apartments on the other side. Parking is at a premium. To think that council thinks folks will need only one parking space is living with the lights off. People share apartments these days and every one needs at least two spots. And what about guests? 

Yesterday I ran into a person living in an apartment looking for three parking spaces to rent. Some houses have four vehicles and two parking spots. The streets are a mess and not very safe to back into.

Today I cleaned the street in front of my home. It has been at least two years since the city cleaned it or picked up the fall leaves. Snow plowing doesn't happen. 

Please step back into reality, folks. People love their vehicles and acquire them first, then expect a parking spot to appear for them. You are most obviously catering to developers to enrich your coffers. They MUST provide more parking. This is not the responsibility of the rest of the community. You must keep our streets cleaned and safe.

Karen Leachman