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LETTER: Proper health care isn't free

Even though we all have access to the same free healthcare, we don't all have access to proper healthcare

GuelphToday received the following Letter to the Editor from Hania, a Grade 8 student at Trillium Waldorf School, in regard to issues within our health care system.
I am writing to you today hoping that this letter will reach the paper and that the many issues within our healthcare system can be acknowledged and changed to make healthcare more accessible to everyone.

As Canadian citizens, we often like to pride ourselves on our healthcare system. How we can get a complicated fancy surgery and not pay a dime. However "free" healthcare isn't advertised when you need to replace a tooth and the bill is longer than a phone number.

In Canada, healthcare has been free for over 30 years, and you'd think we would have figured it out by now, but we haven't.

Some essential services, such as optometry and dentistry, can cost upwards of $1,000, which can be prohibitive for most people.

You can drastically improve your quality of life with glasses, braces and physiotherapy exercises, so not funding services such as these should not qualify as free healthcare.

Another concern with the cost of medical services is people who are financially stable end up being happier and living fuller healthier lives, without having to struggle to read or live with muscle pain. It is simply unfair to people of the lower class that they have to spend much of their income just to live the same quality of life as a wealthier person.

Even though we all have access to the same free healthcare, we don't all have access to proper healthcare.

I am well aware that this is a complicated issue and that there is no simple solution.

However, I firmly believe that receiving adequate medical care should be a human right and not a financial burden.

Thank you for your time,
Hania, Grade 8, Trillium Waldorf School