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LETTER: Reader takes issue with statement of Guelph and Area Right to Life

'The message these organizations spread is 'abortion is murder' so act like it,' reader says in response to anti-abortion letter
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GuelphToday received the following Letter to the Editor from reader Katie McNair, in response to "Letter: Anti-abortion protesters claim physical/verbal abuse:"

I take issue with most of the statements made by Emily Alzaidi Zheng in her recent letter to the editor. The Guelph and Area Right to Life does not merely exist to pray away abortion. It utilizes fear mongering and inaccurate information in an attempt to confuse and shame women and pregnant folks choosing to access a legal, publicly funded medical procedure. The group also promotes the March for Life, an annual gathering of anti-choice groups that seeks to change the law around abortion access in Canada. There is nothing benign in its activities.

I do not under any circumstances condone harassment or aggression toward someone opposed to abortion access, as Ms. Zheng claimed in her letter. It is notable, however, that the anti-choice movement is the one with the history of violence. In Canada alone, “pro-life” extremists have participated in acts of violence, including property destruction, physical attacks, and the attempted murder of abortion providers. The message these organizations spread is “abortion is murder” so act like it. The website of Right to Life states "Abortion is the killing of a human being."

The organization does have a Charter Right to freedom of expression. The Supreme Court also declared in 1988 that the abortion provision in the Criminal Code was unconstitutional because it violated a woman's right to security of the person. The abortion "debate" was settled years ago and we will not go back.

Katie McNair,
Guelph, Ont.