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LETTER: SNC-Lavalin affair has turned tragically ridiculous

Letter writer frames SNC-Lavalin scandal as a “He said-She said” reactive dysfunctional political family squabble
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GuelphToday has received the following letter from concerned Guelphite, Russell Scott

This whole SNC-Lavalin affair has turned tragically ridiculous. There is no scandal here.

It is more an example of understanding in human relationships gone awry: Mr. Betts misinterpreting two government contacts a month with Ms. Raybould as non-interference, Mr. Trudeau misinterpreting Ms. Raybould’s lack of a written decision to prosecute SNC-Lavalin, as openness for further discussion and Ms Raybould’s misinterpretation of her cabinet shuffle as revenge.

This is no political scandal. There is no illegality here. It is merely a “He said-She said” reactive dysfunctional political family squabble.

In addition, certain journalists have inflated the issue with specious allegations of unbalanced gender power dynamics and Shear has jumped on this as an opportunity to get elected.

The tragedy is, it’s taken attention away from taking action on the real crisis: climate change. We have 8 to 12 years to turn around climate change before it’s irreversible and here we are obsessed with this soap-opera. That is the real scandal.