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Letter to the editor lauds Catholic diocese decision on bottled water

GuelphToday has received the following letter to the editor on the Catholic diocese stance on bottled water from Sodastream Canada General Manager Rena Nickerson

Dear Editor,

RE: “Catholic diocese encourages its churches to stop using bottled water” (Dec 22)

Kudos to the Diocese of Hamilton for its call for an end to the use of bottled water in its churches.

Bottled water requires 2,000 times more energy to produce than tap water. And last year, Canadians disposed of almost 11 billion empty beverage cans and bottles. This is a major environmental issue, and an utterly unnecessary one.

We are strong advocates of efforts to protect our drinking water sources and to provide alternatives to prepackaged flat or sparkling water – and we’re proud of the fact that our Canadian operations are on track to eliminate the use of up to 100 million disposable bottles and cans in 2016.

We also helped support Wellington County’s fight against water extraction permits, engaging Ontarians on the issue directly at Queen’s Park and on social media, while donating a portion of our sales to the Wellington Water Watchers.

“Why are we all drinking water out of bottles when most of us don't need to?” the Premier of Ontario is now asking. It’s an excellent question.

The answer lies in the multi-million dollar marketing budgets of the hugely profitable bottling companies who have made a fortune by drawing massive amounts of water from our province’s aquifers (via permits for which they have paid a pittance), then selling it back to us in disposable containers that pollute the environment.

The provincial government has made a good start with a two-year moratorium on new or expanded water extraction permits, but more must be done, and it will take resolve. The big boys of the bottled water business have been making money hand over fist for many years now, and they don’t take kindly to anyone whom they perceive as a threat – we have the cease-and-desist letters from their lawyers to prove it. Premier Wynne best prepare for battle, but it is a fight that must be fought. The future depends on it.


Rena Nickerson, General Manager
Sodastream Canada