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LETTER: 'We came to Canada to live in hope, not fear'

'How can people still have so much insolence that they kill an entire family merely because of their faith?' reader questions
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GuelphToday recieved the following Letter to the Editor from reader, Kashmalah, who speaks about their experience being an Ahmadi Muslim after the recent attack in London, Ont.: 

Recently four members of a Muslim family were killed in a vehicle attack suspected to signify terrorism. The driver, Nathaniel Veltman, has confirmed that he attacked the family “because of their Islamic faith.” This incident has drawn fear in our country. How can people still have so much insolence that they kill an entire family merely because of their faith?

After this incident, for a moment, I did not feel safe. I was scared. I was terrified. I am visibly Muslim and proudly wear a hijab but I will not be going on a walk with my family any time soon. I feel an insult towards my identity. If my Islamic beliefs cannot be accepted, then my identity cannot be accepted, which means there is no place for me in this country. I immigrated to Canada because my Islamic beliefs were not respected in my home country. For islamophobia to now rise here in Canada where I sought refuge is exceptionally problematic. Millions of Muslims have sought peace in this country. We came here because we saw hope, a better future, and acceptance of who we are.

I am an Ahmadi Muslim and our belief lies in the motto “Love for all, hatred for none”. Islam is not a violent religion but rather it stands for peace and this is something the Ahmadiyya Community has always believed in. We have and will continue to spread our message of peace and justice. For years, islamophobia has caused numerous harms and continues to do so. These outrageous acts need to come to an end as we Muslims are moral people who are in the search of unity and kindness.