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LETTER: We must protect our water

'Water should be a public right and not for profit,' writes Anne Munroe
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GuelphToday received the following letter from Anne Munroe, member of Wellington Water Watchers, regarding water security:

My name is Anne Munroe and I am a member of Wellington Water Watchers. I am concerned about water scarcity in Southern Ontario for three reasons: the extraction of water which has negatively impacted the aquifer in the Aberfoyle area, and climate change that is affecting rainfall and reducing the potential for restoration of our local aquifer.

The third reason I am concerned about our water is due to the recent sale of Nestle Waters to Blue Triton which shifts the matter of water scarcity, to a new level. Water should be a public right and not for profit.

The move to Blue Triton, means that water as a commodity will be sold on the stock market. Blue Triton is not interested in selling and bottling water -only through their holdings. The public good should be at the heart of any decisions about water.

The financial activities of Blue Triton will be even more challenging to track than was the case with Nestle. Please support Water for Life and not for Wall Street.

For more information see the Wellington Water Watchers Webinar on their Facebook page.

Anne Munroe