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LETTER: Where was everyone?

Couple visiting from Vancouver want to know why high school students are not more involved in the fight against climate change
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GuelphToday has received the following letter to the editor from a couple visiting family in the area.

My wife and I are visiting this beautiful area from our home on Vancouver Island.

Besides sightseeing we are reconnecting with family.

We have been most impressed with the lucid, informed discussions we have been having with the youngest members of our family. They are well versed in the topic of climate change.

Friday, they took time to make signs and placards and take part with thousands of children around the world who have joined Sweden’s Greta in showing their concern for the perilous future of our planet.

At our home on Vancouver Island hundreds of students protest every Friday.

Our relatives were the only ones there. High School students in Guelph! Where is your moral compass? Get involved.