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A drive in the country (15 Photos)

The spectacular countryside is a short drive away

If you grew up in the country, or near the country, the concept of a country drive is a natural part of your lifestyle.

Guelph is a growing city of nearly 130,000, but its roots are in the country, and it is close to open farm, forest, and river land in all directions.

Whether it’s the geometrical aesthetic of an old barn, the grace and serenity of a historic graveyard, a view of a classic structure through a tree-lined lane, farm animals taking the shade in the corner of a pasture, or the brilliant golden sheen of a ripe wheat field in the morning, there is so much to see and absorb in the Guelph-area countryside.

The area has some of the finest scenic drives anywhere — slow, breathtaking back roads that wind and rise with the land and its watercourses, varied, surprising, and spectacular.

This gallery is a small sample of the visual brilliance that is just outside the city.

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Rob O'Flanagan

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Rob O’Flanagan has been a newspaper reporter, photojournalist and columnist for over twenty years. He has won numerous Ontario Newspaper Awards and a National Newspaper Award.
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