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Army training in Puslinch on the weekend

Reserve personnel will conduct training in the vicinity of McLean Road on Saturday and Sunday

From Sept. 25-26, Canadian Army Reserve personnel will conduct training in the vicinity of McLean Road in the Township of Puslinch, Ont.

Activities will include the deployment of a C3 105 mm Howitzer artillery system, construction of simulated local defences, and soldiers patrolling the area. The exercise will take place within a private quarry, and will be conducted with the co-operation of local authorities in officially approved locations.

All of the activity will happen throughout the day and night of Saturday and Sunday. Members of the public may see military vehicles and armed personnel participating in the exercise, with unloaded weapons. No firing of any ammunition will take place.

This important exercise is being conducted in order to prepare Canadian Army Reserve members to operate in basic soldier and technical artillery capacities.

All soldiers participating will be practicing Force Health Protection Measures based on, and in addition to Public Health guidelines, including wearing masks, extra sanitizing of equipment and hands, and physical distancing where possible.

All measures are being taken to ensure minimum inconvenience to those in the area, although certain areas may be inaccessible during the exercise dates. Members of the public are asked to take extra caution when approaching military vehicles and are thanked in advance for their understanding and co-operation.