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Art Studio Guelph owner wants home "to be a place where people can come, even for a cup of tea" (6 photos)

Art Studio Guelph is the newest studio to offer art classes and instruction in an inclusive setting

Located in Guelph’s east end at 139 Kemp Crescent, owner and artist Kate Salih created the art studio as a space for students of all ages to enjoy and grow as artists in a safe and accepting environment. The studio is located inside her home, where Salih warmly opens her home to artists of all ages.

“I want my home to be a place where people can come, even for a cup of tea,” said Salih warmly.

Salih was born in Poland and was inspired by her artist father to pursue her own creativity. Her parents encouraged her creative side, her father being her biggest champion. Salih eventually completed her Masters in Economics, saying that she chose a practical education while pursuing her passion for the arts as a hobby.

Her job in Logistics eventually took her to Scotland, where Salih met her husband, Sawyn Salih. Sawyn and Kate were both enrolled in an English as a Second Language course at Aberdeen College, both coming from different countries and backgrounds, but finding common ground in their class. The couple were married and now have two young daughters.

After a few years in Aberdeen, where Kate completed a few courses in art, the Salih family moved to Dubai. Six years ago the family moved again, this time to Canada, and recently decided to settle in Guelph, where Kate said she feels at home.

She said that downtown Guelph reminds her of Aberdeen, where she found her creative juices flow, and she enjoys the arts community and has been connecting to other artists since her move last September.

After dreaming of opening her own studios for many years, Salih has now taken the leap and has opened Art Studio Guelph. She offers classes for all ages, from children to adults, in a variety of disciplines, including painting, drawing, crafts, sewing and jewelry making.

“At the moment I’m starting my studio at home, but ultimately I’d like to have a studio outside of my home with more classes offered,” said Salih.

Salih believes Guelph was in need of an arts studio where children and adults of all ages can learn and grow in an organized setting, with regular classes in a variety of disciplines.

To find out more about the types of classes that Art Studio Guelph offers please visit their website, and Facebook page.