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Ban on RVs in private driveways to continue during bylaw review

Council defeats motion calling for enforcement to be suspended
GuelphToday file photo

The city’s ban on recreational vehicles parked in residential driveways will continue, with an expanded exemption program in place while staff review the rules.

A motion from Coun. Rodrigo Goller, which would have seen enforcement of the bylaw suspended during the review, failed in a 7-4 vote on Monday evening.

“We have a dual system (because the bylaw is enforced on a complaint basis). If you’re lucky and no one on your street is concerned about it, then you can have your boat, your pop-up tent, your RV. But if someone on your street doesn’t happen to like it, then you have very different rules and may have significant expenses,” Goller explained.

“We have a system that is not equitable in our city.”

Joining Goller in support of the motion were Mayor Cam Guthrie and councillors Mike Salisbury and Bob Bell.

“This affects everyone in the city. It could be problematic,” said Coun. June Hofland.

City staff didn’t support the enforcement suspension idea either.

“Our concern is that by fully suspending the enforcement there will be an unintended consequence and hear from a whole lot of other people who want to weigh in on this,” said deputy CAO Colleen Clack-Bush, noting the bylaw review will include opportunities for public comment. 

That review and recommendation isn’t expected to be ready for council’s consideration until Q3 2023.

Parking of trailers and RVs in private driveways isn’t currently allowed.

Since the exemption program was initiated April 1, the city has received 34 complaints about recreational vehicles in driveways and issued 54 exemptions.

Staff came forward with the short-term permits concept after council directed it to look into the matter last year.