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But what does it mean? Hand-painted sign pops up again next to Hanlon

Is a sign that has popped up next to the Hanlon Expressway a protest, message of encouragement or something else entirely?

A mysterious sign has popped up on the former Lafarge lands, visible from the Hanlon Expressway.

The hand-painted sign measures a few feet in height and width and says only 'What are you waiting for?'

The sign is planted at the future site of Silvercreek Junction, a development which will eventually add hundreds of residential units to the property.

It is unclear if the sign is a statement on the status of the development, an attempt at viral advertising, just an inspirational message or something else as yet unknown.

The area where the sign was erected is not easily reachable in the snow, a few hundred feet off a trail used by dog walkers. The back of the sign is black and the words are not visible on the trail, only from the highway.

A different sign with the same words appeared for a short time at the same site prior to 2014. That sign was also hand-painted and appeared to mimic a green sign used for place names along highways.