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Canadian Tire on Woodlawn Road set to reopen Monday

Store has been closed since a Nov. 21 fire
The Canadian Tire store on Woodlawn Road closed on Nov. 21 following a fire.

Nearly two months after being closed due to a fire, the Canadian Tire store on Woodlawn Road is set to reopen on Monday.

A spokesperson for the company confirmed the pending reopening via email.

“The store has been working closely with insurance and environmental consultants to ensure a safe reopening to customers,” said Cathy Kurzbock, manager of external communications for Canadian Tire’s head office.

The store has been closed since a fire on the morning of Nov. 21.

According to a news release at the time, the fire broke out inside the store entrance at about 10 a.m. Store staff evacuated customers who were shopping at the time. No injuries were reported.

The fire has been deemed accidental, said Fire Chief Dave Elloway.

"The cause of the fire was found to be an accidental spill of a flammable substance from its container onto the floor of the store. As the substance spread across the floor it came into contact with an energized electrical distribution point, and the vapours caught fire," he explained in an email. "The investigation determined the ignition source, and was subsequently confirmed by video evidence of the incident."