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Centre Wellington asks for four-year extension of moratorium on commercial water bottling

Either provincially or just for the municipality, because more time is needed to complete relevant studies

The Township of Centre Wellington is asking the province to extend its province-wide moratorium on new or expanded commercial water bottling permits until 2023.

The current moratorium ends on Jan. 1, 2019.

A resolution passed by township council asks that if the provincial moratorium is not extended past Jan. 1, then it would like a specific moratorium on new or and expanded water bottling permits in Centre Wellington until 2023.

"Council is asking the Province enact a moratorium on water bottling until January 1, 2023 within the Township of Centre Wellington municipal boundaries. The purpose of either the province-wide or Township-specific moratoriums is to allow for completion of the Township’s Water Supply Master Plan; the Scoped Tier 3 Water Budget Quantity Risk Assessment and subsequent amendments to the Grand River Source Protection Plan; and, the Province’s review of, and decision on, the Water Management Policy and Science Framework Review," says a news release from Township of Centre Wellington.

The release says the studies needed in Centre Wellington will not be completed by Jan. 1.

"Additionally, the Province has begun but not finished an overall review of water management policy and science frameworks. Initial consultations on these frameworks have included the possibility of prioritization of municipal use in terms of water use," the news release says.