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City investigating after dash cam footage appears to show bylaw vehicle running red light (video)

With the dash cam footage from the incident sent to Guelph Police, the person who took the video hopes the other driver is held responsible

A Guelph man said he was angry when he saw what appeared to be a city bylaw vehicle run a red light on Sunday. 

With the dash cam footage from the incident sent to Guelph Police, Andrew Brown hopes the driver is held responsible.

The incident occurred Sunday at the intersection of Norwich, Norfolk and Woolwich streets.

In the video, Brown pulls up in the left lane on Woolwich behind a black vehicle, while a vehicle that appears to a City of Guelph bylaw vehicle is stopped in the right lane.

After a few seconds, the vehicle in the right lane pulls forward and through the intersection, despite the red light still being activated.

Brown said in the moment, he was angry at the vehicle running the red light, he said someone could have been hurt or killed.

“He created a very dangerous situation he could of hurt someone,” said Brown of the driver who ran the light.

“I’m still not impressed about it,” said Brown. “Someone in his position should know better.”

Reached by email on Tuesday, Guelph bylaw manager Dave Wiedrick said there is currently an internal investigation into the incident underway.

Wiedrick notes that emergency vehicles may proceed through a red light with a siren and either a red or blue and red flashing roof lights, but the bylaw vehicles are not equipped with those, only amber lights.

Brown said that he sent the Guelph Police a copy of the video by Facebook, but so far he has not received a response.