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City plans to set up two fenced-in dog parks

Staff report recommending them coming to council and the money's already there
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Tony Saxon/GuelphToday file photo

It's not yet known when or where, but it looks like Guelph will be getting two fenced-in dog parks later this year.

At Wednesday's capital budget discussions Ward 6 councillor Dominique O'Rourke asked city staff why the city's 10-year capital budget forecast didn't include a dog park.

Parks and recreation general manager Heather Flaherty told O'Rourke that in April staff will be presenting a report recommending two fenced-in dog parks for Guelph and that the money for those parks already exists.

Dog lovers in Guelph have been calling for a fenced-in dog park for a long time. A Facebook page dedicated to the issue has been up and running for over three years.