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CRC cancels meeting on Hidden Quarry due to coronavirus concerns

Meeting was supposed to happen Thursday in Eden Mills
20190708 Hidden Quarry KA
GuelphToday file photo

Rockwood's Concerned Residents Coalition has postponed a community meeting scheduled for Thursday amid concerns over coronavirus.

The event was scheduled to take place at the Eden Mills Community Hall.

The meeting was cancelled "given the need to take action to “'latten the curve' of the projected COVID-19 virus transmission increase," said a news release.

 "With the news in the past few days, not the least this morning, it is clear that the coronavirus situation is changing very rapidly. Recommendations to avoid public gatherings have started to appear in the media and, for example, professional sports leagues are starting to suspend schedules.

"As important as CRC's meeting is, we have decided that caution demands that we postpone tonight's meeting until further notice."

The meeting was intended to give residents an opportunity to respond to the Local Planning Appeals Tribunal (LPAT) decision to approve the Hidden Quarry site.