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Don't think twice. Call me maybe

Teams have completed challenges like walking a slackline between two seven-story buildings, and performing a waltz routine
Call Me Maybe 3
In 'Call Me Maybe', teams had to solve a challenge that would give them the correct phone number to receive their next travel clue. Calls were made from the SOAR phone at home plate on a baseball diamond in Orangeville. Supplied photo



Mike Prost, a competitor from the 2016 Southern Ontario Amazing Race has been selected to race in 2017 as part of an early bird application period.

Mike reflected on his past race and encourages new racers to apply. “It’s fun. It’s exciting! Absolutely, 100 per cent apply. Don’t think twice. Give it all you’ve got and big things will come.”

Eleven team spots were filled during this process with room for nine more teams to join this year’s adventure. Teams of two looking for an experience of a lifetime can apply until Jan. 31.

Whether you are looking for an adventure in 2017, want to have an incredible bonding experience with someone in your life, are looking for unique ways to give back to children in need, or, all three – this is the event for you.

SOAR has been running since 2004. Since that time, teams have travelled to locations all over Southwestern Ontario and completed challenges like walking a slackline between two seven-story buildings, learning and performing a waltz routine to solving unique and challenging logic puzzles.

No matter what your strengths are, there will be challenges that some teams will excel at and others that may drop you to the bottom of the pack. A surprising challenge the caused that fall for many teams in 2016 was completing a knitting project.

As past racer Michael Pinkney says “This is the fun…doing things that you don’t like or have never done and succeeding.”

The race is entering its 14th year but the challenges stay fresh from year to year and the organizers are always looking to feature the latest trends in puzzles and adventure.

Last year’s race included life size Hungry, Hungry Hippos, soaring over the Arthur area in gliders and a challenge where teammates could only communicate using Snapchat.

The weekend is so unique of an experience that many teams return to race multiple times. Team selection rules state that teams may only race three times to make room for new people interested in the event. There are still many spots available and chances for you to be part of this life-altering experience.

Not only is the event itself amazing, so is the cause that it supports. SOAR teams raise funds for the Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington (CFGW).

All donations go directly to the CFGW and are helping better the lives and futures of children in need. Since 2004, SOAR has raised over $820,000 for the Children’s Foundation.

Last year’s SOAR Champions were Heather Cater from Cambridge and Kelley Hurren from Wellesley. Heather and Kelley made history as the first all-female team to win the weekend adventure race.

For more information on how to apply visit