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ELECTION '18: Guthrie wins in a landslide (7 photos)

Wins mayoral race by over 11,000 votes as voter turnout drops six per cent from 2014

Seconds after sharing a stage with the main loves of his life, his family, Cam Guthrie sat down to enjoy one of his other loves.

Guthrie, who had just won the mayor's race in Guelph by 11,054, joined the house band on drums as they launched into the Tragically Hip's Blow At High Dough.

It was a great night all around for the Mayor of Guelph.

He received 22,203 votes, crushing runner-up Aggie Mlynarz by just over 11,000 votes.

That was 2,531 more votes than he got in the last election, where the voter turnout was 43 per cent, 6 per cent more than it was on Monday night.

"I truly, truly believe that in the end we all want the same thing: we want to secure the best future for our city," Guthrie said to around 300 supporters who gathered at the Holiday Inn.

"What an amazing city, the City of Guelph is, and I'm honoured and proud that you have trusted me to be your mayor for another term. I love this city," he said.

The much-discussed Guthrie slate didn't quite work out, as only one of the candidates that Guthrie campaigned with, Rodrigo Goller in Ward 2, was elected. The others, Jason Dodge, Stacy Cooper, Indu Aroroa, Patrick Sheridan and Jonathan Knowles, all failed to get elected to council.

"I do not take the responsibility you have given me lightly and I promise, just like I did four years ago, to lead this community with passion, dedication and commitment and to always, always, put the interests of Guelph first," Guthrie said.

"This campaign was about a stronger, safer community, but I've said it all along throughout this whole election, a stronger and safer community requires the whole community."

Working with community groups and other levels of government will be important moving forward he said, as will supporting the Guelph Police Service, where Guthrie has promised to try and get $750,000 annually for more police officers and police support.

"Over the next four years I'm also really looking forward to continuing service reviews: the programs to ensure that we have value for the taxpayers dollars.

"The work at city hall will never be done and we must strive to always do better," Guthrie said.

He thanked Mlynarz for her efforts and thanked his wife Rachel and children Anakin and Adelaide, who joined him on stage.

"The best family ever," said Guthrie, shedding a tear as he hugged his family.


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