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ELECTION '18: Mlynarz concedes as Guthrie on his way to landslide victory

Midawy through ballot count, Guthrie had nearly a 5,000 vote lead
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Cam Guthrie has his photo taken with his mother-in-law Shirley Rowan early in the evening on election night at the Holiday Inn as they wait for results to come in. Tony Saxon/GuelphToday

Cam Guthrie's competitor has conceded the election.

Aggie Mlynarz took to the stage around 9:40 p.m. at the Red Papaya restaurant to concede after Guthrie was up by  5,500 votes with 31 of 46 polls counted.

In the 2014 election Guthrie earned 19,672 votes, 5,498 more than runner-up Karen Farbridge.

Guthrie arrived early at the Holiday Inn, where supporters gathered and a live band played as the results came in on a big screen.

More to come.