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Emotions ran high during the Euro Cup final (8 photos)

Italy fans celebrate after coming out ahead 3-2 in penalty kicks

Flags of green, white and red were waving at high intensity throughout the streets of Guelph on Sunday following a shootout win by Italy in the 2020 Euro Cup final. Fans roared in jubilation after Italy overcame an early England lead to push the hotly contested match into extra time and emerge ahead 3-2 after penalty kicks.

Soccer fans gathered throughout the city to take in the game – postponed a year due to the pandemic – with a strong contingent of England enthusiasts converging on The Fat Duck Gastro Pub patio and the Italian Canadian Club of Guelph hosting predominantly Italy fans under a tent outside. 

Emotions ran high at both spots, which were filled to capacity, as fans cheered on their team and held their breath as the excitement built, alternating between boiling over in celebration and crumbling in disappointment as the clock ticked on.

Screams of joy and pain followed every kick of the shootout, as the chances of victory went back and forth for both teams.

In the end, Italy took its first Euro Cup since 1968 – its only victory in the final before Sunday.


Richard Vivian

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