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G-SWAP connects businesses and services looking to barter

Thirty five businesses signed up so far with new Guelph company
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Forget buying, how about bartering?

A Guelph-based start-up, G-SWAP Trading Network, is going old school, connecting businesses and organizations that barter and swap their products and services.

While G-SWAP is online, there will be a get-together on Monday, Dec. 3, at the Red Brick Cafe in Downtown Guelph where 30 people from 23 local businesses and one charity partner (Hope House) signed up with G-SWAP can get to know each other and maybe make some deals.

“G-SWAP brings members together online and in-person to swap items of equal value and trade using trade dollars,” says Ramik Akhund, who started the business with partner Shasta Carr-Harris in June.

“The purpose is to help local businesses stimulate the local economy,” Akhund said.

“Every business has excess inventory that gets sold at a discount or goes wasted, or if it’s a service business, everyone has a down time. Our service lets people trade and barter things, creating a new client base for themselves.”

G-SWAP also helps market the member businesses.

Right now there is no fee to join G-SWAP but once they hit 50 members (they’re at 35 right now, Akhund says) there will be a small monthly cost.

He said those signed up include tech companies, web designers and accountants.

While most are services, Akhund said there is a farmer signed up.

People barter based on the value of the service they are offering.

The open house is open to the public.

More details can be found at