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General Lee and his big beard make some noise (6 photos)

Fergus resident Lee Baldwin is making quite a name for himself thanks to his great beard

Lee Baldwin’s path in life took a turn in a different direction three years ago when he won a $20 bet that he could grow a beard. He won the $20 and grew his beard to 18 inches, which to date has taken him to places he never have imagined.

The Fergus resident has taken part in many beard competitions across North America. Many of the winners of the competition gain bragging rights and often raise funds for community supporting fundraisers.   

You will find him on Friday nights cohosting the local radio show in Fergus at the Grand 101, “Dingo and the Beard.”

Todd Fullwood, who is Baldwin’s cohost, met him by chance at a community event when they were both assisting flood crews in the nearby Drayton. Since then the two have built a strong friendship and following in the community while entertaining their listeners with a lot of kibitzing back and forth.

Fullwood says “he uses his beard for good.”

The duo recently attended a local fundraiser, Broshow, and walked the catwalk in costume to raise monies for the local Fergus hospital, and they are invited to another fundraiser later this month.

Baldwin is an Ambassador for Mammoth Beard Company and jokes he has “sold more for the company and he isn’t even a salesman.”

He tilted his Mammoth Beard cap as he shared all the various products he uses in the morning to get his beard ready.

He said he “uses more hair products than his girlfriend and it can take him up to 40 minutes of grooming time to get his day started.  

Baldwin’s nickname is “General Lee.”

When he was five years old, travelling with his family in Georgia he received the nickname after an old man at a garage sale gave him a flag and said, “what’s your name boy?”

“Lee,” he answered.

The man said this is for “General Lee” and it has stuck with him since.

Baldwin proudly lifted his arm to show the tattooed flag, along with a variety of other tattoos up and down both arms.  

Baldwin is enjoying all the attention.

One night he was hanging out at his favorite local Friday night watering hole when two guys dressed in suits just kept starring at him.

He said people stare at him a lot, but when they followed him outside Baldwin said to them, “what the heck do you want from me?”

Their response was “you're it, you are the guy we are looking for!”

He is now the official 2019 spokesperson for Broil King Barbeques.

His promotional Broil King Barbeque video will be coming out later this year.  He was told he was a good fit for them, as he “rides a Harley motorbike and he has a distinctive beard.”

Baldwin said he was one of the 100 best beards on Instagram, #RG100beardswinner.  Photographers love him; he has been invited to many local photo shoots, is very photogenic and loves being in front of the camera.

He now has a talent agent, and has been cast on American Underground, Gangland Undercover, and even a Walmart Commercial.

He laughs and says “this is all from a $20 bet, I am so excited to see where this will take me.”

If you want to connect with Baldwin, contact him at, or on Instagram at bigbeardgeneral.