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Guelph artists paired during quarantine showcase works of art online

18 artists collaborated to create nine works of art through the local art initiative Co-Create
Screenshot of a music video called EARTH PRAYER by Leah Trottier and Miki Tamblyn for Co-create.

After collaborating together during the lockdown through a local art initiative, 18 Guelph artists are showcasing their work online. 

Co-Create was launched by visual art-based Otherwise Studios and music-based Bumaroo in June to encourage local artists to work together, stay connected and create meaningful art. 

Artists were provided with resources, guidance, and deadlines to bring discipline to their work during isolation through the initiative. 

The nine finished art pieces available to view online include music videos, paintings, sound and visual art projects with an in-depth analysis.  

The projects are:

TOMATOES  - A collage by Andrew McArthur and Perry Gasteiger

POOR CONNECTION - A visual story project by Emma Ongman and Nick Grier

ROLLERCOASTER - A music video by Alison Postma and Tripper and the Wild Things

EARTH PRAYER - A music video by Leah Trottier and Miki Tamblyn

CEDE - A music and art video by Eileen MacArthur and Silas Chinsen

SONG AND STITCHING - Music with characters by Alisa McRonald and Missy Bauman

VESPER: THE WOODS ARE CALLING - Music and art video by Paige Bromby and Excuse Me

DUSK THOUGHTS - A painting by Daniel Steduto and Emelie Robertson

SOOTHING WATERS FOR THE SOUL- A nature sound project by Cara Sanelli and Zoe Martos