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Guelph gaming hotspot announces expansion

1-Up video game cafe and the escape rooms at Khronos Gauntlet will join the burgeoning social gaming market in downtown Guelph
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From the Knights that brought you The Round Table Cafe comes two all-new gaming experiences in the Royal City.

In the next couple of months, the 1-Up video game cafe and the escape rooms at Khronos Gauntlet will join the burgeoning social gaming market in downtown Guelph.

“Our goal is to make Guelph a gaming hotspot, a gaming capital in Southwestern Ontario,” says Thomas Gofton, the owner and operator of the Round Table, 1-Up and Khronos Gauntlet. “We’ve enjoyed tremendous success with the Round Table and in the process have learned there’s remarkable growth potential with different types of gaming experiences beyond board games and coffee.”

The Round Table team will be opening two complementary businesses in the next couple of months, the most ambitious and unique to Guelph will be 1-Up, a new gaming experience that will be opening at 101 Wyndham St. N. later this spring.

As the name implies, 1-Up will be a video game cafe that will welcome new and experienced gamers, and all skill-levels in between, with a wide variety of new and vintage games.

Players will be able to enjoy their game in a laidback living room-style pod while spectators can follow the action on their own separate screen so that the gamers can play distraction free.

1-Up will also feature a full dessert bar for patrons to enjoy, and will eventually be licensed to serve alcohol as well.

“This will not be an arcade-like experience,” explains Gofton. “We’re talking about something classier. When you come in, you won’t get the din and sensory overload of an arcade as we’re working with audio engineers to make sure that the sound levels are enjoyable to those playing the games without being annoying to others.”

Down the road at 50 Cork Street East, the artists and designers that gave the Round Table it’s distinctive, one-of-a-kind look are constructing three levels of fun and madness at Khronos Gauntlet.

Borrowing the Greek words for “time challenge,” Khronos Gauntlet will take the escape room experience to the next level with three chances to challenge yourself, your friends and your colleagues in a dungeon, a wizard’s castle or a mad scientist’s lab.

Khronos Gauntlet should be open to those ready and willing to test their skill in mid-May.

In the meantime, the Round Table stands ready to welcome friends, family, teams and colleagues looking to relax with a board game and a coffee, or, if they like, a beer.

The Round Table is now licensed under the AGCO and continues to welcome all visitors during regular business hours, Tuesday through Sunday.

In the coming months patrons will also be given the chance to playtest new games based on the Galaxy Quest and Buffy the Vampire Slayer franchises, which are being developed by local game designers.

“We’re going to be pushing hard the idea to make Guelph a tourist destination for gamers of all kinds,” adds Gofton. “You don’t need to wait for the right time of year, or for the right kind of weather, just grab your friends, choose a game, and play with good company.”