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Guelph General Hospital fundraising for new ultrasound machines

More than half of the hospitals current machines are over a decade old and need to be replaced
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The recommended lifespan of an ultrasound machine is seven years. More than half of Guelph General Hospital’s machines are over a decade old and urgently need to be replaced.

Three new ultrasound machines are needed and they will cost $504,000. The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital is asking the community for support.

“At Guelph General Hospital, every piece of equipment used to care for patients is funded by our generous community,” remarked Elizabeth Stewart, Manager of Annual Giving at The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital. “When you make a donation to the Hospital, you’re helping patients receive the highest quality care, close to home.”

Each year, Guelph General does more than 25,000 ultrasound scans. Scans are scheduled on weekdays from six in the morning until 10 o’clock at night and also on weekends and holidays to keep up with the surging demand.

Mark Lovallo, Ultrasound Team Lead at Guelph General Hospital explained, “Ultrasounds are a crucial part of modern medicine. Our team helps doctors catch tumours early so they can be effectively treated. We’re helping surgeons conduct biopsies and other delicate procedures. We’re showing pregnant women an image of their baby for the first time.”

Older ultrasound machines produce images that are pixelated. Today, the technology has improved dramatically. New ultrasound equipment produces incredibly sharp images. That means doctors can diagnose problems more accurately.

Another big advantage is flexibility. Currently, some of the Hospital’s machines are better suited for breast or pregnancy exams, while others are designed for vascular and general imaging. The three new machines will put state-of-the-art scanners in every exam room that can do any type of ultrasound procedure. That’s going to dramatically improve workflow, allowing more patients to be seen in a day.

A letter has been mailed to The Foundation of GGH supporters who have donated in the past. Those who did not receive the fundraising letter by mail may make a donation online at; by phone to 519-837-6422; or by cheque payable to The Foundation of GGH mailed to 115 Delhi Street, Guelph, ON N1E 4J4. People are also invited to play the 50/50 Hospital Lottery by visiting Monthly lottery proceeds between April and June will be used towards the new ultrasound machines.