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Guelph physiotherapist accused of sexual abuse of a patient

Set to appear before professional discipline committee in June to answer allegations
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A Guelph physiotherapist has been accused of professional misconduct that includes sexual abuse of a patient.

Neil Boon, a physiotherapist at Central Health Care in Guelph, is scheduled to appear before the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario discipline committee June 7 to June 9.

Boon also stands accused of performing a service for which consent is required by law without such consent, failing to maintain the standards of the profession and engaging in "disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional" conduct.

None of the allegations have been proven.

The statement of allegations on the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario web site said that on April 2 of last year an unnamed patient saw Boon at Central Health Care on Gordon Street for treatment for a sprained ankle.

It is alleged that Boon "placed, rubbed or otherwise touched his hand" on the patient's upper and inner thigh; inappropriately leaned his body against the patient; grabbed, squeezed or otherwise touched the patient's breast; placed the patient's foot against or on his crotch and/or thigh and rubbed the patient's back.

The allegation states that the acts were sexual in nature, had a sexual purpose and were inappropriate.

"The above acts of touching (the patient) by Mr. Boon were inappropriate, failed to respect (the patient's) personal boundaries, fell below the standards of the profession with respect to physiotherapists maintaining professional boundaries, were undertaken without (the patient's) consent, and otherwise constitute conduct unbecoming a physiotherapist ...." states the statement of allegations.

Boon will appear before a discipline panel who will try and determine if the allegations are true under the authority of the Health Professions Procedural Code.

If proven, discipline ranges from banning him from practicing physiotherapy or a suspension, to reprimand and a fine.

Boon's bio on the Central Health Care web site describes him as "an experienced physiotherapist with 15 years of practice in a multidisciplinary sports medicine centre, treating a diverse clientele of sport, workplace and motor vehicle accident injuries."