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Guelph's a great place to survive a zombie apocalypse!

The online rental portal ranked 35 metropolitan areas and ranked them for safety in the event of a global zombie apocalypse should hit the planet
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According to the popular rental cite, Guelph would be one of the best places in Canada to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Having some fun, the site used five categories of data essential to surviving such an apocalypse: vulnerability, mobility, hideout, supplies and safety. It then ranked 35 Canadian cities.

The rankings can be found here.

Guelph, which received a perfect mark in the 'supplies' category, was third overall, behind Edmonton and Saskatoon.

Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge was ranked 25th.

"What if a new epidemic arises that turns people into zombies, or a war breaks out between the living and the dead? To determine the safest city in Canada in case of a hypothetical zombie apocalypse, we analysed various factors across five categories: Vulnerability, Hideouts, Supplies, Safety and Mobility. Based on our findings, we have identified the safest city in Canada," said a tongue-in-cheek press release from rentola.

5 Safest Cities

1. Edmonton

2. Saskatoon

3. Guelph

4. Calgary

5. Regina

5 Least Safe Cities

1. St. John, NB

2. Belleville

3. Trois Rivieres

4. Montreal

5. Sherbrooke