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Guelph's indecent act spree 'disgusting, concerning', says mayor

If you're doing it as a prank, 'find a different hobby, or get a job'
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Mayor Cam Guthrie seen in this GuelphToday file photo

As Guelph Police continue to deal with an influx of reported indecent acts, Mayor Cam Guthrie is calling these incidents disgusting, and concerning.

"Guelph is known for our beautiful parks and green spaces — so people, whether they're visiting our city or live here, they need to be able to enjoy them without any fear of this activity going on," said Guthrie.

If you're a victim of an indecent act, police are saying get to safety immediately and call 911. 

"Police are very aware of these incidents and are taking this very seriously," said Guthrie. "Over the last couple of years, we've had some increased investments in enforcement — and I'm going to continue to support that."

Guthrie adds mental health issues and drugs are most likely playing a part in this as well.

"Those can't be full out excuses for what is happening, and for the younger people performing any 'acts' as a 'prank' . . . it's not a prank, it's disgusting. My message for them? Find a different hobby, or get a job."

As Mayor of Guelph, Guthrie says he will continue to monitor this to ensure his community is safe for everyone.

"As I said, there is also a part of this which is mental health issues - so we do need to have some further support from the provincial government for all municipalities. We need to make sure people are aware there are drug issues involved in this too - but these aren't way of 'explaining out' the situation, or using it as an excuse."

He adds as much as we need to be aware of these issues, we also need to acknowledge that Guelph is a great place to live.

"It is going to take our whole community coming together to not be fearful of this issue. Go out, enjoy our parks — but at the same time, be vigilant and call the authorities if you see anything out of place."

There have been dozens of reported indecent acts in the City of Guelph over the past few months, with three reported this week alone. 

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