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Guelph's StoneHammer Brewing goes out of business

The former F & M Brewery had brewed beer at its Elmira Road location for 23 years

The rumours have been confirmed. Guelph's StoneHammer Brewing on Elmira Road is no more.

Signs have been posted on the front door of the small facility indicating that "2436346 Ontario Inc. - operating as StoneHammer Brewing" is in bankruptcy proceedings and the assets are now in the possession of Kitchener-based BDO Canada Ltd., which is acting for trustee.

A second note on the door posted by the landlord advises: "anyone inquiring about buying the brewery or brewing equipment" to contact the plaza leasing office.

Respected Ontario beer blog Ben's Beer Blog was the first to report the news in April.

Robyn Duwyn of BDO Canada confirmed they had been appointed as trustee and said the next step is to meet with creditors.

GuelphToday had received several anonymous tips two months ago that the brewery had closed its doors but repeated attempts to contact the owners were unsuccessful.

The front door of the business had been locked for almost two months and no one was answering the phones or returning emails. The StoneHammer web site was also shut down.

The StoneHammer Twitter account is still live, although there hasn't been a post since April 28, which invited people to come to the beer show happening at the Sleeman Centre that weekend. StoneHammer was scheduled to take part in that beer show but did not attend.

StoneHammer originally was founded in 1995 as F & M Brewery, in the same spot in the Melran Mall located on Elmira Road just north of Speedvale Avenue.

In 2015 the business was purchased by Phil and Lesley Woodhouse and rebranded as StoneHammer.