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Guess which Guelph intersection had the most collisions in 2017?

This accident-prone spot had 29 collisions last year

The intersection of Stone Road and Edinburgh Road had the most collisions in Guelph last year.

The Guelph Police Service released its annual collision stats, showing that there were 4,312 total vehicles involved in collisions, 11.6 per cent less than the year before.

There were a total of 331 injuries from collisions, down 18.4 per cent over the year before.

The Stone/Edinburgh intersection had 29 incidents, followed by Silvercreek/Speedvale (21), Edinburgh/Wellington and Woodlawn/Woolwich (both 20).

The number of vehicles involved in collisions and the number of people hurt in collisions in Guelph last year were down significantly over 2016.

Other stats from 2017:

  • Driving with suspended licence: 41

  • Breathalysers administered: 36

  • Month with most collisions: September, 286

  • Month with least collisions: April, 170

  • Day with most collisions: Friday, 510

  • Day with fewest collisions: Sunday, 259

  • Time of day with most collisions: Between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

  • Collisions involving pedestrians: 46