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Hike to celebrate care at Hospice Wellington

The community came together to celebrate the work Hospice Wellington does

Hospice Wellington participants, volunteers, staff and sponsors waited quite a while to get together.

Last Sunday Hospice Wellington hosted Hike for Hospice at Riverside Park.

“I know how much it means to everyone here to be able to gather in person. I know that you need time together to celebrate your own loved ones in an environment where both laughter and tears are welcome,” said Pat Stuart, executive director of Hospice Wellington.

MPP Mike Schreiner described the impact of Hospice Wellington’s work to reduce local hospital emergency departments by providing access to hospice palliative care.

Nancy Foster led the hike this year, and shared her experience with Hospice Wellington when her husband Martin passed away almost a year ago. She said she appreciated the care her husband received. Foster also expressed her surprise the care Hospice Wellington extended to her family and expressed the continued support she has received from them.

The hike showcased some of the services Hospice Wellington offers like Reiki, art, music and dog therapy programs. Attendees got to experience some of the services by practitioners giving treatments.

There was an annual community weave where people create a hand woven creation embedded with tributes to loved ones.

“We all need a place to be together and acknowledge the continuing impact of our loved ones, even as we create a space to miss them,” said Stuart.