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Mayor Guthrie calls on Provincial Government to commit to high speed rail and two-way all-day GO Transit

A letter was sent to the Minister of Transportation
20180420 cam guthrie ts
Mayor Cam Guthrie. Tony Saxon/GuelphToday

The Mayor of Guelph Cam Guthrie tweeted out a picture of the letter he sent to the New Minister of Transportation.

The letter is asking for commitment from the provincial government to support high speed rail and two-way all-day GO Train service to his city.

Guthrie had held back on the writing the letter until after the new government was elected. 


Guthrie says he is looking for assurance that these two projects are still a priority, 

"It would be appreciative to know that we have the commitment for that from the current government because their is still local planning and local infrastructure requirement that each one our cities require to get for these commitments if there coming." Said Guthrie. 

Guthrie is among several local mayors who support high speed rail and two way all day GO Service.