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Memorial project seeking photos of four Guelph veterans

Faces To Names project is looking for pictures of four veterans that helped liberate the Netherlands in World War II
GuelphToday file photo

A project that honours the men and women on the Guelph cenotaph is looking for photos of four veterans.

This year's local Faces to Names project honours 28 local soldiers who helped to liberate the Netherlands during WWII. 

The soldiers’ photos, which were at the cenotaph until Nov.13 and are now at Stone Road Mall until Nov. 22, then the University of Guelph Library until Nov. 30.

Scanning a QR code on the exhibit provides access to the soldiers’ biographies and videos created by their relatives.

Research uncovered photos of 24 of the 28 men and the project is still trying to find photos of the other four.

They are:

Private William John Dawes – Essex Scottish Regiment.

Trooper Thomas Patrick McGarry – Sherbrook Fusiliers Regiment.

Private Leo Francis Pringlemeir – Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders.

Corporal William Edward Thornton – Highland Light Infantry.

Anyone with any information can email