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Mother and daughter both run for NDP in local ridings

Mom Aisha is the Guelph NDP candidate and her daughter Noor is representing the NDP in the riding of Wellington-Halton Hills

The local federal race will see a unique pair of NDP candidates – a mother and daughter duo.

In a phone interview, Noor Jahangir confirmed she is running as the NDP candidate for Wellington-Halton Hills.

Jahangir is the daughter of Guelph NDP candidate Aisha Jahangir. 

"We'll be helping each other throughout this process, she'll be learning from me, I'll be learning through her," Jahangir said. 

"Both of the ridings are affected by the same issues, especially the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate crisis."

The 23-year-old Jahangir said she runs multiple small businesses, including one that is focused on selling sustainable fashion, and majored in sociology at the U of G. Now she is attending George Brown College for digital media marketing. 

Aisha Jahangir said in an interview she is hoping her daughter has a positive experience running, learns a lot and grows from this.

“It’s a proud mom moment, to be honest it was her talking about issues that are relevant to a lot of millennials and Gen Z,” Aisha Jahangir said. 

“There’s a significant amount of insecurity and uncertainty as we’re still in the pandemic and what the future may look like.”

Noor Jahangir said she is focused on issues affecting her peers such as COVID impacts on small business, the job market and affordable housing.

She said she believes it is important to have more diversity in politics and now is the time for this shift to more representation of young people.

“I’m concerned about my future and the future of other millennials,” Noor Jahangir said, adding this election is especially crucial. 

“The climate crisis is scary and destroying communities and I feel like nothing is being done. Indigenous communities still don’t have clean drinking water.”

Aisha Jahangir agreed there is very little representation across the federal government and the parties for young people. 

She said she remembers her daughter telling her she was inspired by the work and she highlighted in her previous runs in federal, municipal and school board elections.

“We can all sort of sit back and be fearful or anxious about what’s happening around the world but what it requires is courage and we know it requires some political will,” Aisha Jahangir said of her daughter's decision to run.

“She has a very good understanding of my motives and my intent and I think that’s the reason she decided that she would want to make a difference herself.”

Noor Jahangir said she is inspired by her mom and is excited to be a part of an electoral campaign. 

"She has given me support through every endeavour that I've taken on and this happens to be the biggest one yet," Noor Jahangir said. 

Jahangir said she understands the challenge she faces as a young candidate in a historically Conservative-held riding and believes it’s time for change.

"I can't wait to walk parliament with my mom, it's time for a change and my mom and I are bringing it," she said.