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New breakfast-by-delivery service to launch in Guelph next month

Beach House Breakfast will delivery vegan smoothies, sweets and snacks to your front door
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Photo courtesy Beach House Breakfast

Although the food they serve is vegan, the owners of a new breakfast delivery service say the grab-and-go food they provide can be enjoyed by everybody.

Tysha Grey and Alex Kendall soft-launched their online Beach House Breakfast service in September and will begin making regular deliveries of frozen breakfast smoothies in early December.

Both Grey and Kendall, like the products they sell, are vegan.

“We had a hard time finding anything that was available as a delivery service for breakfast just for ourselves as consumers. The more we looked, the more we realized that just isn’t an option in the market,” said Grey.

“We thought if it’s something we are looking for there must be others looking for it.”

Breakfast is often called the most important meal of the day, but it is also a meal many people skip.

“For a lot of people, mornings are tough,” said Grey. “If you have kids you have to get them ready for school, if you don’t you have to get yourself ready for work. Even if you’re off you have to go about your day and run your errands, so not having to think about breakfast just takes one more thing off of peoples’ to-do list.”

People can order the pre-blended smoothies, which are delivered overnight and on their doorstep Tuesday morning.

“By the time you wake up on Tuesday morning and open your front door, your items are already there,” Grey.

The smoothies are delivered in mason jars to cut down on as much waste as possible, said Kendall.

“They are delivered in a jar and then we pick them up, wash them to use again,” said Kendall. “We are trying to cut down on our carbon footprint.”

Orders can be made on a one-time six-smoothie basis or people can choose to purchase a one or three-month subscription.

The smoothies come frozen and pre-blended.

“We ship them to customers frozen so they can keep them in their freezer until they are ready to consume them,” said Grey.

Beach House Breakfast also offers vegan sweets and snacks and plans are in the works to incorporate soups into the menu.

“These items are all vegan, which is nice for vegans to have that option, but there’s nothing too crazy out of the ordinary. We wanted it to be approachable for people who aren’t following a vegan diet,” said Grey.

The pair said Guelph was a good place to launch this new kind of business because of the strong support within the local business community.

The company has made some deliveries in the last two months to fill pre-order sales and will make its first official delivery on Dec. 4.

“The feedback we got was good, so we felt confident in taking that next step and seeing where it goes,” Grey.