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New Facebook page looks to connect Guelphites

Carmela Geyn starts new Facebook page after realizing how much the city had changed
A Guelph woman is looking to provide useful information and ask questions on her new Facebook page.

Upon moving home Guelph last September after several years living elsewhere, Carmela Geyn realized just how much Guelph had changed.

And when she had some difficulty finding out recommendations for a good Indian restaurant, she came up with the idea for a new community Facebook page that might answer such questions.

That’s how Guelph This and That was born.

“I found myself asking a lot of strangers for advice,” said Geyn, who models the site after a similar one for Rockwood.

“I just thought that maybe if there was somewhere for people in Guelph to go to find things out it would be good. I just hope it catches on,” she said.

Guelph This and That is a Facebook page where Guelphites can share information, ask questions or just share things about the Royal City.

“A place for local Guelphites to ask for help or products (but we are not a buy & sell), share an upcoming event, ask neighbours for recommendations on places to go, eat, visit, talk about community news or projects, share thoughts & ideas,” wrote Geyn when the public page went live in mid-April.

“We support local artisans and will allow them to post their wares, we support local mom and pop shops and will allow them to advertise, no pets allowed unless it's to promote good health or u have a question.”

Geyn, who got help from niece Ana Rac to set the page up, said there are lots of Guelph pages, everything from businesses and interest groups to the whimsical, such as the very popular anonymous Confessions In Guelph and the University of Guelph-centric Overheard at Guelph.

“A lot of sites aren’t interactive. They’re run by someone and you can only make comments. This is you posting your own question and five or six people answering that question,” Geyn said.

“If it does take off I think it could be a great resource for people,” said Geyn, a retiree who spends lots of time keeping an eye on the site to make sure people don’t abuse it.

There were 150 people that signed up in the first week.

“It’s still new. We’re expecting it to get better as it gets bigger.”


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