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Parking solution needed before downtown apartments are okayed

The city's Committee of Adjustment deferred an application by Skyline Inc. that is seeking to add apartments on top of an existing building

The city's Committee of Adjustment has granted a defferal request for an application by Skyline Inc. that would clear the way for apartments to be added to an existing downtown building.

The committee deferred the application at SkyLine's request so that a longer-term parking solution can be found.

Skyline Commercial Real Estate Investment had applied to the city’s C of A for permission to build additional apartments on top of 26 to 46 Carden St. and 27 to 39 Macdonell St. without providing any visitor or tenant parking spots.

Current zoning would require the proposal to have 24 parking spots for the building. Currently there are no parking spaces dedicated to the building.

Skyline purchased the properties in 2021. 

It is a two storey building across from city hall and Skyline may add four additional storeys to the building with apartment units built above the already existing commercial space below.

The building will have 34 residential units if the additional storeys are built.