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Preliminary numbers in Guelph show 10 per cent drop in voter turnout

With 246 of 247 polls counted in Guelph, preliminary data shows voter turnout was significantly down this election

Preliminary numbers from the 44th general election show voter turnout was significantly down in the Guelph riding with a near 10 per cent drop.

 As of Tuesday morning, 246 of 247 polls have been counted.

These figures do not include electors who registered on election day.

Current data from Elections Canada shows 65,625 of 105,863 registered electors in the Guelph riding cast their ballot, a 61.99 per cent voter turnout compared to the 72,020 ballots cast of the 105,106 eligible voters in the previous election (73.33 per cent voter turnout).

The riding increased by 757 eligible voters between the two elections.

Despite the lower turnout, Liberal Party MP Lloyd Longfield, who cruised to his third electoral win, increased his percentage of total votes from 40.36 per cent to 41.6 per cent while losing 3,228 votes.

Conservative candidate Ashish Sachan gained 1,417 votes while increasing his percentage of votes from 19.28 per cent to 24.4 per cent.
Sachan received 15,985 votes.

New Democratic Party candidate Aisha Jahangir lost 650 votes while also seeing a two per cent increase in her percentage of votes.

Jahangir received a total of 13,918 votes.

The Green Party of Canada saw the biggest losses in the election as candidate Michelle Bowman received 4,946 votes (7.5 per cent).

This represents a significant drop in turnout for the Green Party as the previous election saw the party capture 19,236 votes (25.46 per cent).

The night’s biggest voter gain went to the People’s Party of Canada with first-time candidate Josh Leier pulling in 3,077 votes accounting for 4.7 per cent of the votes. The previous PPC candidate, Mark Paralovos, received 1,087 votes (1.44 per cent of the votes).

Communist Party of Canada candidate Tristan Dineen, who previously ran in the 42nd general election, received 178 votes (0.78 per cent), an increase of 12 votes from the 43rd general election which saw Juanita Burnett receive 166 votes (0.22 per cent).

Karen Levenson, candidate for the Animal Protection Party received 252 votes or 0.4 per cent of total votes in the riding.

Compared to the most up-to-date federal data, the parties in Guelph skew significantly with the Liberal Party of Canada holding 32.2 per cent of the vote, the Conservative party holding 34 per cent of the vote, the NDP with 17.7 per cent, the Green Party with 2.3 per cent and the People’s Party with 5.1 per cent of the vote.