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Public Health assures the public there's enough flu vaccine to meet local demand

Public Health assures the public it has a sufficient supply for those seeking a flu shot through either them, a flu clinic or a physician
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Despite a shortage of flu vaccine at local pharmacies, Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health assures the public that there is enough availability for those wanting and able to get a flu shot.

Public Health has a different procurement process than pharmacies and it said in a news release Wednesday that there is enough vaccine for those wanting to get one through Public Health, flu clinics or their physician.

"As of today, members of the public shouldn’t be worried about flu shot availability," said the news release.

"Public Health has the ability for everyone who wants a flu shot – and can safely receive one – to get one. People should continue to contact Public Health or their physician to book an appointment. Most people will be able to book an appointment in the coming weeks. We will continue to update the public as the rollout of the vaccine takes place." 

Some important information on the 2020-21 flu vaccine:

1.      Public Health is in constant contact with our partners to understand their vaccine needs. Current demand for the vaccine is being met and Public Health continues to monitor vaccine distribution in the region. 

2.      WDG Public Health receives and administers the flu vaccine directly to the public through Public Health flu appointments, as well as through distribution of the vaccine to regional partners, such as local physicians. Public Health has dedicated vaccine coordinators who work directly with our partners to ensure timely delivery of the vaccine across the region. Pharmacies have a separate process to receive and administer their supply of the flu vaccine.

3.      Members of the public have several ways to get a flu shot:

a.      Through their family physician

b.      At select local pharmacies

c.      Through an appointment at WDG Public Health

d.      At local flu clinics

4.        Public Health and health partners throughout the region are working to add additional appointments to administer the flu vaccine. For those that have been unable to schedule an appointment, please continue to check for availability.

5.      The flu shot is important every year. Public Health encourages everyone who can safely get a flu shot to do so.