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Several oyster brands recalled due to salmonella contamination

Oyster Kings Inc. issued a recall on a dozen oyster brands on Wednesday

Public Health is warning consumers of potential salmonella contamination on some oyster products sold in Ontario and Quebec. 

Oyster Kings Inc. issued a recall on Wednesday for a dozen products, which they say may have been sold clerk-served from seafood counters with or without a label or coding. If you’re unsure whether your purchase is affected, you’re advised to contact the store. 

The following products have been recalled:

  • Acadian Gold Oysters - Choice Oysters (50 pieces)
  • Acadian Pearl Oysters - Cocktail Oysters (24 pieces)
  • Baccarat - Cocktail Oysters (50 pieces)
  • Capitaine Barney Oysters - Jewel Oysters with Firebarns brand Tequila Lime Hot Sauce (24 pieces)
  • Coffret De L’Acadie - Jewel Oysters, Cocktail Oysters, Choice Oysters (18 pieces)
  • Honeymoon - Choice Oysters (18 pieces)
  • No. 69 - Jewel Oysters (18 pieces)
  • Nuit Blanche - Jewel Oysters (50 pieces)
  • Opus - Choice Oysters (18 pieces)
  • Point. G - Cocktail Oysters (12 pieces)
  • Sex on the Bay - Cocktail Oysters (100 pieces)
  • Umami - Choice Oysters (18 pieces)

Salmonella can make you sick, even if the food doesn’t look or smell bad. Symptoms include fever, headache, vomiting, nausea, stomach cramps and diarrhea. If you become sick after eating what you think is a recalled product, contact your healthcare provider.