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Someone ask you to send money overseas? Likely a scam

Guelph Police Service - Fraud Unit would like to warn residents of telephone and internet scam involving RCMP investigating bank employee
phone scam fraud



The Guelph Police Service - Fraud Unit would like to warn residents of a telephone and internet scam involving the RCMP investigating bank employee.  

The caller will advise that they are a bank or credit card company security employee who is working with the RCMP to conduct an investigation.
They will talk about some suspicious transaction on the victims account and provide information on legitimate transactions to gain their trust.
The caller will then ask the victim to log into their bank account and provide the caller with remote access.
Once this is done they will show the victim deposits that appear to be from the RCMP and request that the victim withdraw the funds and send them overseas (U.A.E. and China) via Western Union - Money Grams from multiple locations. 
The victim will later discover that the deposits into their bank accounts were in fact transfers from their own line of credit or credit cards and as such they become responsible for the funds that were sent overseas.
People should not respond to these communications. Security investigators from a bank, Credit Card Company or the RCMP will not call to request assistance from the general public with investigations.
The Guelph Police Service is cautioning that anytime you are asked by someone you do not know, to send money overseas to someone you do not know for any reason, it is most likely a fraud scam!
If you have become a victim of fraud, please contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre by email at or call 1-888-495-8501.