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The search is on for Guelph's most energy efficient homes

September's Green Energy Doors Open Guelph will showcase homes whose owners who have gone above and beyond in making them more energy efficient
energystar home

The hunt is on for Guelph's most energy efficient homes.

The non-profit sustainability organization eMERGE Guelph is looking for homeowners who would be willing to showcase their green efforts as part of an open house tour.

The first (hopefully) annual Green Energy Doors Open Guelph is set for September 10.

People will be able to visit the homes on the tour and find out more about what and how the homeowners did to make their homes more energy efficient.

Sarah Steenhoek of eMERGE said it's a chance to see and learn first hand.

"We're looking for people that have done a lot of projects in their home, that have made significant changes to their houses and are willing to showcase them," Steenhoek said.

She said they are looking at five homes "that have gone above and beyond" for this year and already have two on board: a century home that doubled its square footage while reducing its energy costs through green initiatives and a brand new "net zero" home built by Reid's Heritage Homes.

Steenhoek said other environmental organizations in other cities have organized similar open houses and they hope this is the first of many to be held in Guelph.

"We're trying to show people that there is the opportunity to make changes in their home and not only let them live more comfortably but also allow them to maybe save some money, maintain and maybe increase the value of their home."

Steenhoek said there will be eMERGE staff and volunteers at the locations but for the most part it's a chance for people to actually see modifications and ask practical questions about what was involved.

"We're looking for things that people are thinking they perhaps could do in their homes but don't quite get how it would work or have questions about it," she said.

"Hopefully the homeowners can speak to their experiences with the modifications: what are the positives, what are the negatives and what work did they have to undergo to implement those sorts of solutions in their home."

eMERGE focuses on promoting, advocating and connecting partners in terms of saving and maximizing energy, food, water, transportation and waste resources.

More information is available on the eMERGE website or by calling 519-763-2652.