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Two traffic cameras will be installed in Guelph this week

The city says the cameras will not be used for surveillance or enforcement
Sample image from traffic camera being installed at Gordon Street just north of Water Street. Photo provided by the City of Guelph.

The City of Guelph is testing the effectiveness of two different traffic data collection cameras starting mid-August.

One traffic camera will be installed on the east side of Gordon Street just north of Water Street, and the other at the intersection of Gordon Street at Wellington Street West.

“Each camera has different strengths,” explains Liraz Fridman, transportation safety specialist for the city. “Testing will show us which type gives us the best information about how people use roads, bike lanes and sidewalks in Guelph so we can make improvements.”

Traffic cameras are used to:

  • Count the number of people walking, driving and cycling
  • See how people use different types of road infrastructure such as bicycle lanes, sidewalks and roads
  • Collect vehicle speed data

Using this data, city staff can find ways to improve the city’s traffic signal system and overall road safety in line with the city’s Community Road Safety Strategy.

The cameras are not being used for surveillance or enforcement and won’t track or monitor individual vehicles or people. The cameras are configured so that identifiable personal or vehicle information, such as faces and licence plates, are not distinguishable. 

Both cameras will be installed in mid-August. City staff will evaluate the cameras functionality until the end of November, then perform a detailed analysis to determine next steps.