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Wanted: Art about equality, togetherness, respect

Annual Guelph Pride Art Show runs through the month of May
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A call for submissions is out for Guelph Pride Art Show.

The theme for this year’s Guelph Pride Art Show is “come together.” Exhibition organizer/curator Taras Lachowsky wants participants to creatively come together in the most diverse way possible. A call for entries is now out and submissions are being accepted up until April 23.

The work will be up at 10 Carden at 10 Carden Street in downtown Guelph throughout the month of May, with an opening reception on May 5.

The show is part of Guelph Pride Week, a time to celebrate LGBTQ community, acceptance, culture, and expression in the city. Email art show submissions for consideration to

The show is open to all artists, and all mediums, so long as it is wall mountable. Because of space restrictions, free-standing sculptural works can not be included.

“We are looking for one to two pieces per artist, that are ready to be wall-mounted, ready to go up on the wall,” said Lachowsky, adding that the invitation for submissions has been widely circulated, including to high school art programs across the city.

“The message is equality, togetherness, respect,” he said. “What we’re hoping for is to have a huge cross-section and diversity of people’s representation of what those words feel like to them. Confidence, equality, strength – words that people can resonate positively with.”

Lachowsky is a member of the Guelph Pride committee, and has experience curating, installing and promoting arts and crafts exhibits. He is also a member and volunteer for OOTS, the Out on the Shelf library and resource centre for the LGBTQ community, located at 10 Carden.

“The show is to help the public become aware that creativity isn’t something that is only involved with one viewpoint,” he said. “When you increase someone’s awareness that there are different viewpoints on something, you help turn a light on somewhere. That is the inroads with art – it makes people stop and think, even if it’s for just a second.”

Prizes will be awarded for the best piece in the show, with an honourable mention, and people’s choice award as well.

Guelph Pride 2016 runs from April 29 to May 8. Visit to learn more. 

"I want to draw people in to enjoy the sense of community within Guelph, the sense of community within the LGBTQ community of Guelph," Lachowsky added. "Guelph is known for being very responsive and receptive. It's not just about us and them. It's everyone. And that is a very strong message to get out."