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Wastewater Treatment Plant earns silver level recognition

City recognized for efforts to improve wastewater quality
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The City received silver level recognition for its wastewater treatment plant from the Grand River Conservation Authority Watershed Wide Optimization Program. The recognition comes from the City’s efforts to improve the wastewater that it returns to the Speed River through multi-level treatment.

“We’re honoured to receive this recognition for our ongoing efforts towards excellence in wastewater treatment,” says Tim Robertson, Division Manager, and Environmental Services. “Through the dedication of our knowledgeable staff, and working with our colleagues at the Grand River Conservation Authority, we continue to fine-tune our processes to get better performance and reduce the environmental impact of Guelph’s wastewater.”

Based on data from 2017, the silver recognition is proof of how the City, as a leader in wastewater management, is on the right track when it comes to wastewater optimization and reducing its environmental impact.

This success is due in part to staff collaboration at each stage of the process from the collection of raw wastewater from homes and businesses, to the flow of treated wastewater into the Speed River.

About the City’s wastewater treatment plant

The City’s wastewater treatment plant is a Class IV tertiary treatment facility that collects wastewater from Guelph and the Township of Guelph/Eramosa. All raw wastewater entering the City’s plant gets advanced treatment ensuring only high quality, treated wastewater (effluent) flows into the Speed River.

About the Grand River Conservation Authority Watershed Wide Optimization Program

The Grand River Conservation Authority Watershed Wide Optimization Program (GRWWOP) works with municipal water managers and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks to optimize operations of wastewater treatment plants, like the City’s treatment plant, to improve quality of effluent that enters a river or stream.

GRWWOP recognizes wastewater treatment facilities in the watershed through their Recognition Program criteria, which evaluates parameters such as monthly effluent quality targets and enhanced reporting in annual performance reports, to name a few.

Visit the City’s wastewater treatment plant webpage for more information.