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Way to go, Mr. Cawsey!

John F. Ross teacher wins award for excellence in business education
Photo by Ferris Howe



John F. Ross teacher wins award for excellence in business education

A teacher from John F. Ross CVI in Guelph has been honoured by the Ontario Business Educators’ Association (OBEA).

John F. Ross teacher Greg Cawsey has been selected as a recipient of OBEA’s Award of Merit.

The Award of Merit recognizes teachers who have promoted the awareness of business education within their community, while contributing to the development of business education within the school system.

Awards will be presented on April 28, at the OBEA Spring Conference in Toronto.

Cawsey is the Director of the Ross School of Business (RSB), which began as a school within a school at John F. Ross.

He also organizes the school’s DECA club and teachers a number of business and financial courses.

Students start at the RSB in Grade 9, where they learn about personal finance applications, budgeting, investments and the RSB pathways.

The RSB offers programs in general and international business students, accounting, marketing, law, entrepreneurship, human resources and economics.

At the forefront of Cawsey’s work is financial literacy.

Financial topics, such as RRSPs, often don’t connect with students, so Cawsey has worked to present financial topics in a way that is relevant to teens, including tips on budgeting, getting a job, and saving for the future.

Cawsey works to make financial education usable and approachable for all levels, believing that money is a life skill that everyone will have to deal with in their lives.

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