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LASZLO, Margit Katalin


I, Margit Katalin Laszlo (nee Juhasz), born March 17, 1940 regret to inform you that I left the world of the living to continue my adventures elsewhere on June 10, 2022. I was blessed enough to complete my circle of life at home with my family. It was actually grueling and complicated but I don’t want to start my own obituary off on a sour note. I leave behind my devoted partner and husband, Ervin (I apologize sweetheart. I failed you in not teaching you how to fend for yourself……thankfully we procreated and they will take care of you). Ervin and I have been married since July 2, 1966 and despite my current state, I consider us married forever. This also means that you better not remarry or I will rise again. I also have abandoned (insert dramatic effect of word here) my eldest twin son Thomas (don’t worry, I am with your brother Andrew and we are hanging out and listening to the Grateful Dead) and my daughter Laura Black (nee Laszlo) (I’m passing the torch to you. It’s hard to carry it but you have to do it with a smile). Thomas and Laura, you will also have to deal with me from the other side should you fail to look after your father according to my instructions. My daughter-in-law Jane Laszlo (nee Evans) is a godsend and a saint. I would sincerely appreciate someone with authority to acknowledge that fact please. You have taken care of Thomas since the beginning of high school and he is a better man because of it.

I have three incredible grandsons who will change the world. Ed (Thomas & Jane’s son), I know you are filled with talents undiscovered and I cannot wait to see you fulfill your dreams. Your artistic nature and ability to create are your gifts Ed. Don’t waste them. Evan Laszlo (Laura’s son), I cannot express how much in awe I am of you. Your kindness, inner strength, witty humour and wisdom are all gifts that will guide you through life. Stay grounded and believe in yourself. Noah Black (Laura’s son), I am bursting with joy that you are teaching in Japan and exploring the world. Never forget how you came into this world and how you fought to live, survive and thrive. You are a miracle that I treasure more than words. My great granddaughter, Wren Amelia Laszlo (Evan’s daughter). You adorable little huncut!!! How fortunate was I to see you bloom and flourish right in front of me?!! You are already so inquisitive, intuitive, creative and expressive. Never let your flame go out Wren as your light and warmth will comfort those who need it most. Thank you for recording your singing for me. The lullabies comforted me and helped me drift away to dreamland.

Throughout my life, people either knew me as Marg or Kati. If you knew me as Marg, well, you got to know who I was generally speaking. If you knew me as Kati, well, you got the whole kit and kaboodle…..and then some. Despite not knowing the language when I arrived in Canada, I became an English teacher and had the pleasure of spending most of my career at College Heights Secondary School. In my senior years, I would often get stopped and asked by former students if I was Ms. Juhasz or Mrs. Laszlo. They always remembered me and reminisced with me. I will never forget them and all my students had a profound effect on me.

Instead of a funeral where everyone usually wears black (and let’s face it, not everyone looks good in black), I have instructed my family to hold a Celebration of Life to be held at my rural residence. Everyone is to wear COLOUR. I want ALL the colours of the rainbow to be seen from my view, wherever that may be. There will be music, laughter, food, friends, family and the tea will be spilled. You may want to cozy up to my dear brother Tom Juhasz for stories if he is available.

To those of you who remain, I leave you with a quote from Shakespeare that I taught so long and loved so well from All’s Well that Ends Well,

“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none”.