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Excavator 'purchased' with bogus $132,000 cheque

Police say when the Guelph seller went to deposit the certified cheque, it turned out the account had been closed

Guelph police are investigating after an excavator valued at more than $100,000 was apparently stolen using a bogus cheque.

The victim contacted police Wednesday to report the theft. The Kubota excavator had been listed for sale on a popular website. An interested buyer contacted the seller, sending a copy of his driver’s licence and a certified cheque in the amount of $132,000.

Last Saturday, three males attended the seller’s workplace and loaded the excavator onto their trailer. Two days later the seller attempted to deposit the cheque and was informed the account had apparently been closed.

The three males were all described as short Asian males driving a black Chevrolet pickup with dual rear wheels and a large trailer. The excavator is a Kubota KX080-4S model which is orange with blue on the rear.